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Anyone who has recently been on the job hunting circuit, looking for a position as a developer, knows that employers are getting rather picky. With the oversupply of IT professionals, recruiters are not just looking for good people, they are looking for good people with an exact skill set to match their requirements. As such, the chances of getting the position you desire is not as guaranteed as it was back in the boom times four years ago. Besides having good looks and luck, one of the ways that you can get around this dilemma is to maintain a diverse set of skills on your résumé and hope that some combination will get you the job. One of the traditional "must-have" items on your résumé used to be working knowledge of relational database systems (and associated APIs) or application servers. Job requisitions would be combinations of Java/Oracle, WebLogic Server/J2E... (more)

Actional SOAPswitch

I must admit that the subtitle I used here sounds a bit like an overused marketing cliché broadcast from a late-night commercial on television. Anyone seriously involved in enabling enterprise resources as SOAP-based services on the Web knows that the "today" part is quite a stretch. Although, depending on how you look at it, you may be able to take it quite literally. For instance, suppose you were able to take software assets that currently exist behind the corporate firewall and plug in a network gateway or router that has the ability to instantly render them as Web services. I... (more)

AltioLive 3.0 from Altio, Inc

Altio, Inc., is about to announce the preview edition of AltioLive 3.0, a presentation server platform for "rich client" Web applications. In addition to its current architecture, this release provides a Web service adapter capable of providing real-time synchronization, as well as an improved IDE, to an intelligent front-end client. In what looks like an X-Windows server in a browser, the AltioLive platform offers a desktop application environment complete with most of the GUI elements missing from browser-based Web applications, including drag-and-drop and other desktop contro... (more)

The 21st Century Developer

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be a 21st-century software developer sitting in your cubicle at work. All right, I know that we are already a few years into the century, so let's push it up, say, 50 years. Okay, that's better. First of all, you may notice that things have changed a bit. A nice three-dimensional hologram screen surrounds me completely. I can just move stuff around by grabbing it and I can even float around in a three-dimensional virtual space? I like that. And look at that, Dell is still in business. Awesome, dude! But wait, I'm a developer right? W... (more)

Can You Log In Now? Good!

A colleague of mine, who is a senior architectural specialist, recently finished a short, three-week consulting engagement with several other performance-test engineers to determine why it was taking several minutes on average for users to log in to a financial funds management system. After poking and prodding through the system, and sifting through architectural and design documents, the team determined that there wasn't any one particular performance bottleneck that was the root cause of the problem. The short of it was that the system was just doing too much - from retrieving... (more)