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It wasn't all that long ago, the last issue of WLDJ if I am not mistaken, that I expressed my dismay over why so few projects in my travels were using WebLogic Workshop as the primary development IDE. And only a few readers sent in e-mails regarding their reasons for choosing another IDE over Workshop - some of which had a lot of merit (actually, all of them did). And, not being too far removed from the subject, I just happen to be on a WebLogic development project where I came in midpoint through development, and - you guessed it - Workshop was not being used. The poor IDE: so powerful and yet slighted by the development community, partly due to a lack of familiarity and perhaps because it does too much - in a sense becoming proprietary in nature. And then, lo and behold, BEA makes their announcement that they will be donating major parts of Workshop, mainly the de... (more)

Workshop on My Mind

Over the past several months, I've had the opportunity to interface with several BEA WebLogic project teams and ask how they do their development. One question I usually bring up, mainly out of curiosity, is whether or not they decided to use BEA WebLogic Workshop as part of their overall development strategy. As you may already know, Workshop is designed to streamline the overall development effort and can provide substantial improvements in programmer productivity along with streamlining the configuration and deployment process. In theory, the decision to use Workshop as the ID... (more)

Are You a WebLogic Expert?

In my travels I am often asked whether I am a WebLogic expert. I don't blame people for asking, since it is assumed that anyone who is editor-in-chief of a magazine dedicated to keeping its readers up to date on the myriad of BEA products must know everything there is to know about this end of the software spectrum. You might assume that by now I would be used to the question, "Are you a WebLogic expert, you know, a guru?" Every time though, it stops me in my tracks and I have to stop for a second and compose myself. Am I an expert? Umm, err...say something, quick. I usually resp... (more)

The Second Battle for the Desktop

We often like to assume that most corporate IT organizations have kept somewhat up-to-date with all of the various technological innovations over the years, and have done so in an incremental manner. However, the reality of the situation is quite different. You may (or may not) be surprised by how many IT organizations do not necessarily ride the "bleeding edge" wave for one reason or another. It's not that these IT shops have not paid attention to what is available to them. Now poised to leapfrog over a generation or two of architectural change, these companies are busy looking... (more)

The SOA Diet

It never ceases to amaze me how something can move from essential obscurity to mainstream hype in what seems to be only overnight. Take the low carbohydrate diets, which are all the rage now. For years, the Atkins diet was considered by most diet professionals to be pure nonsense - how can you lose weight with a diet rich in fat, with bacon and eggs in the morning and a pound of steak or two for dinner? Yet all it took was one investigative report from a prominent newspaper to give the diet credibility. Now, you can't seem to get away from low-carb food products - they're everywh... (more)