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Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be a 21st-century software developer sitting in your cubicle at work. All right, I know that we are already a few years into the century, so let's push it up, say, 50 years. Okay, that's better. First of all, you may notice that things have changed a bit. A nice three-dimensional hologram screen surrounds me completely. I can just move stuff around by grabbing it and I can even float around in a three-dimensional virtual space? I like that. And look at that, Dell is still in business. Awesome, dude! But wait, I'm a developer right? Where is my usual stuff? My IDE, compilers, and debugging tools - all seem to be missing. Go through that virtual revolving door over there? Ah, I see. Whoa, what an awesome-looking machine! As far as the eye can see, there appears to a living digital organism, in constant motion, with lines ... (more)

Integration Server 1.2

No one involved in Web development needs to be reminded of the continued rapid changes in the industry. Even with the current financial downturn, driven by the burst of the Internet bubble, innovation is still happening on many fronts. Nowhere is this truer than in the evolving area of Web services. Feeling overwhelmed by yet more change, I recently decided to do something I usually never do and subscribed to several Web services-related mailing groups. In this case, some SOAP-related lists would do the trick, especially since SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is one of the key... (more)

WebLogic Server 6.1 by BEA SystemsLeading Application Server Gets Web Service Interface Lift

A guiding principle in the software business is that everything designed and developed today will eventually become a legacy system tomorrow. Just yesterday I was all excited about the new world of client/server. For a time, it was client/server this and client/ server that, accompanied by a plethora of buzzwords to fill the minds and résumés of professionals. Almost overnight, however, Internet application architecture involving Web browsers, Java application servers, etc. took over the scene. Client/server is now a legacy technology. With this idea in mind I have come to wrest... (more)

Oh Beehive!

It wasn't all that long ago, the last issue of WLDJ if I am not mistaken, that I expressed my dismay over why so few projects in my travels were using WebLogic Workshop as the primary development IDE. And only a few readers sent in e-mails regarding their reasons for choosing another IDE over Workshop - some of which had a lot of merit (actually, all of them did). And, not being too far removed from the subject, I just happen to be on a WebLogic development project where I came in midpoint through development, and - you guessed it - Workshop was not being used. The poor IDE: so p... (more)

Simply SOA

It's all quite simple you see. In a major move last year, BEA made a significant and very welcome contribution to the open source community by donating the Beehive framework to the Apache software foundation. Beehive, perceived by many in the industry as somewhat proprietary in nature, is the driving technology behind the BEA WebLogic Workshop IDE and was engineered with one thing in mind: to help make your life easier as a WebLogic and J2EE developer. As I have heard over and over from the marketing folks, it takes care of all of the plumbing for you. And with true respect, I be... (more)